RIO designs solutions for the economic development and the financial inclusion of refugees and migrants.

Our Impact.

We’ve made half a million cedis available to refugees in Ghana, Kenya and India.

Refugees in these three nations are beneficiaries of our UBI programme, allowing them to build and move forward. The data gathered from these initiatives is invaluable to make sustainable change, and is used in partnership with other international organisations.

Partnering with

Enabling community management

Scaling UBI programmes effectively needs good governance and local input. We handpick community leaders.

Donor transparency

Using blockchain and open-source technology, RIO facilitates unparalleled clarity of impact.

Intimate view of beneficiary needs

Strategically and emotionally investing in underserved-communities for nearly a decade helps RIO develop high-quality data.

Numbers that speak.

Our research allows us to optimise our processes; the data tells the story. We are happy to be growing and helping more day by day.

Krisan Refugee Camp






Kakuma Refugee Camp






Ampain Refugee Camp






Changing the narrative around refugees​

Contrary to the often-projected image of helplessness, most refugees are self-sustained individuals who have been displaced from their homes. They have skills and expertise that, when harnessed, will enable them to contribute to the economic growth of their host countries.

It is important to recall that refugees are people who had lives, jobs, and responsibilities before they became displaced.

The voice of the camps.

Stories from women entrepreneurs.