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Inclusion For Africa's Marginalised Groups | NC Debrief

24 MAY, 2021
On this episode of #NCDebrief, our Host. Gbenga Aborowa, was joined by Co-Founder, Refugee Integration Organisation, Rya G. Kuewor to discuss the ‘Inclusion For Africa’s Marginalised Groups’.

Against Gravity Ep. 6: Fighting for Survival – Refugees and Migrants with Rya Kuewor

13 MAY, 2021
Rya shares his journey of starting RIO and helping displaced people create sustainable livelihoods.


7 FEB, 2020

How community lending could help refugees find their feet

12 DEC, 2019
Entrepreneurship is often proposed as the ideal way for refugees to achieve financial independence; while others say savings and lending services is the key. The ideal solution may, in fact, be a blend of those two approaches working in tandem.

What Ghana can teach us about integrating refugees

27 NOV, 2018
Refugees in Ghana have the same legal rights as ordinary citizens. They can live, work, and own businesses and properties, just as any other Ghanaian national. Then, why is the population largely ignored?

Crypto-driven UBI eases COVID-19 struggle for refugees in Africa

27 NOV, 2018
RIO and our partners find a way past the exclusionary modernity of technology to bring blockchain-driven UBI to underprivileged refugee communities.